Empowering companies with AI driven insight

Our mission is to empower organizations with data-driven insight and ensure their decisions are supported by cutting-edge analytics.

  • End-to-end Solutions - We integrate our well-documented AI engines into your custom software.
  • Data Security - We have have been trusted to work with highly sensitive data.
  • Quality results - Solving problems with highest quality results is always our focus.
  • Support and Maintenance - We provide full technical support to meet your business needs.
AutoML team at TabuLearn
Story behind TabuLearn

Our Story

We believe that all the decisions in the world should be made on data and businesses should act measurable. Yet, data-driven decisions are only useful if the analysis conducted in behind has high quality, actionable insights and no unknown risks.

We spent large amount of time on cleaning data, building and debugging AI models and trying to extract insights from those models. We have built a cutting-edge engine which simplifies our lifes by saving time and providing top notch result. We want other companies to use this tool as well to increase the productivity and make use of rich insight hidden in their data.