Enterprise AI for Predictions and Insights

TabuLearn is an Enterprise AI solution powered by proprietary AutoML engine which allows anyone who has data build state-of-the-art and Explainable AI models without knowledge of Machine Learning or Data Science.


Why TabuLearn?

automated AI

Automated AI

End-to-end ML modeling automation and state of art performance with a simple click of a button

explainable AI

Explainable AI

Transparent and Interpretable models, actionable insights and a what-if scenario analysis toolset

trusted AI

Trusted AI

Responsible AI powered by possible discrimination and model risk analysis, fairness correction.

How does the magic work?

TabuLearn is using combination of novel machine learning approaches and advanced traditional statistical analysis techniques to produce highly accurate, explainable and trusted results in fully automated manner.

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TabuLearn | AI for everyone

Advantages of TabuLearn.

  • Automated Feature Engineering
  • Automated Machine Learning Modeling
  • AI driven Insight and Suggestions
  • Automated Deployment


Use cases

Enterprise AI for Marketing


Supercharge your marketing using AI and data-driven insight

Enterprise AI for Economics


Capture the trends and seasonal behaviours, forecast the future using AI

Enterprise AI for Telecommunications


Analyze your customers and customize your offerings based on ML

Enterprise AI for Finance and Banking

Finance and Banking

Reduce default rate and optimzie your trading portfolio

Enterprise AI for Security and Maintanance

Security & Maintanance

Detect anomalious actions and behavioural changes automatically

Enterprise AI for Automation


Automate pattern recognition and data wrangling pipelines